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Instagram on the Samsung focus 2? - Kara - 06-07-2014 10:02 AM

Hi I'm interested in buying the Samsung focus 2 because it has the qualities of both my iPod and current phone. The major app I use on my iPod is instagram and I was curious if I was able to download instagram on this phone? Please help mee <3

- James - 06-07-2014 10:12 AM

not sure if the official instagram app is out for windows phone but there are unoficial ones which do the same job
dont get the focus 2 cause youll end up on regretting it
get a nokia lumia
lumia 610 which is there bugget phone
lumia 710 which is there mid range phone
the lumia 800 and 900 which is there high end phone
all of them run the same operating system as the focus 2 does but with the nokia goodies
so youll get more updates faster and more features and more apps
and all the big name apps like instagram will reach the lumia series faster than any other windows phone