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Parents think I spend all my time on the internet? - Random Name - 06-24-2014 12:20 PM

So I'm pretty antisocial and usually camp out in my room for a few hours everyday, mostly because I like my privacy especially when nothing is going on out there. My mom just thinks I roam the internet all day long and talk to guys. In reality, I'm always either reading or exercising and would only use my ipad when I'm talking to my friends like once a week. She also got mad when I said I'm not adding her on facebook because I deleted it, and she doesn't buy it. It annoys me that I'm actually telling them the truth, but they think I'm "out of control" -_- what do I do?

- Wendy - 06-24-2014 12:31 PM

all parents are like that, I swear, I know how you feel! im a loner as well, go out maybe once a week and the internet is my prized procession.
the thing is, your telling them the truth right? they don't believe you. there isn't much you can do about it without coming off as desperate.
if I really hurts your feelings your mum doesn't trust you, sit down and talk to her, but make sure to keep your voice steady. don't be a drama queen to her or talk back.
if she doesn't believe you, she doesn't believe you. Its not the end of your life lol.
best of luck, or just ignore them, you know the truth! c:

- Pandaeun - 06-24-2014 12:38 PM

Oh god…i'm antisocial as well. I know how you feel! >_< Maybe you should try to go out and do the exercising thing outside? be sure to let your mom see when you do that. I did that in front of my dad since he always nags me of how i always sleep most of the day and calls me the slumber panda -_-' but reality, i was studying and what not. Ever since i did the exercising thing outside and at least have some a bit of sunshine. He slowly stops nagging me and eventually stops, but now he nags me that i should not go out that often. my reaction was, da fuck? i cannot winn >_<