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My boyfriend is going to a party organized by his ex? - kate - 06-25-2014 03:04 AM

My boyfriend has only truly loved two people in his life, his ex and me. He assures me he doesn't love her or think about her anymore and I believe him because in previous situations she's tried messaging him and getting him back and he made sure to tell her to back off, remind her its over and that he has me now. He's been to a few parties where she's been and he's remained faithful and ignored her presence. She's the leader of some youth group and her youth group is throwing a party tonight which he's attending. I feel weird about it because it's not like the other parties he's seen her at, SHE organized this one. What makes me feel even more at un-ease is that he was the first one out of 500 people to respond to the event invatation and say he's going. He basically didn't give it a thought, he just saw the invatation and instantly knew he wanted to go before he even saw who was attending... which makes me feel like she's the reason he's going... My boyfriend always tells me when he's going to a party or out and especially when he's going to see his ex which is why I always trusted him so much when he's go, so it's weird in the sense that he hasn't even told me he's going tonight and who's event he's going to... I saw on facebook when he RSVP'D to it. I don't know what to do or how to feel. We are a long distance couple, were supposed to see each other in two weeks everything is already booked and set to go so it would be weird if he decided to mess it all up right before that. Should I confront him and ask him about it? Or avoid it and ask him later on when we see each other in person... I don't wanna get into a fight right before we're about to see each other

- leiasophia - 06-25-2014 03:11 AM

Hmm, this is really because he didn't inform u about this party he's attending unlike before. Talk to him about this if u two meet in person. We really don't know what will happen next especially that you're in a distance relationship and his ex is pursuing him or she's nearby.

- neddy-nedda - 06-25-2014 03:27 AM

The party is tonight … he’s going … and he didn’t tell you. That fuct.
He should have consulted with you before accepting the invitation. It should have been a joint decision.
Speak to him ASAP, and on the phone. Why should you feel iffy until you see him again? Why should you feel crappy tonight (and beyond) wondering if he’s being true to you? Life it too short to play guessing games.
Something smells funky. Which he may or may not be aware of. So bring it to his attention, ASAP, but in a gentle manner.
Maybe I’m too righteous, but I think this situation can easily ignite. She still likes him. You’re far away. He may have something to drink at the party. I would want an unspoken rule in the relationship (which he accepts upon himself): he doesn't communicate with her, he doesn't go to her parties. They can’t be friends. Not now. They just can’t. Take action. Don’t be a passive victim. You’re not being unreasonably jealous. You’re protecting your heart and the relationship. Which both can bruise easily and take a long time to heal.