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Should I make a facebook page based on my thoughts?
04-28-2014, 07:58 PM
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What Katherine said. As a writer I have discovered that Facebook is just not the marketing milieu I was led to believe it was. It is a very limited audience and people on FB don't go searching for other's thoughts and opinions; they just post photos of their cats. You'll be better off with a blog.

That said, as an educator I think you need to ask yourself why you want to post your thoughts and opinions. Literature isn't about 'expressing yourself'; it's about saying something with a purpose. Funnily enough, your personal opinion isn't relevant to most people. Most people are too busy thinking about what THEY like, not what YOU like. As I have often said, 'Relevance is irrelevant.'

To build up a good readership, say something that other people will want to read. Avoid too many 'I'-statements. Comment on events of the day, books or films, teachers, laws, traffic, etc. If people find it interesting and amusing, they will continue to read and then follow you even when you go off on some self-centred tirade.

I have followed a yachtsman's blog with much interest till he started posting really acerbic things about the government, after which his blog got boring. It's not about sailing any more; and so I don't follow him. Don't make the same mistake.

Good luck.

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