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My boyfriend is going to a party organized by his ex?
06-25-2014, 03:27 AM
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The party is tonight … he’s going … and he didn’t tell you. That fuct.
He should have consulted with you before accepting the invitation. It should have been a joint decision.
Speak to him ASAP, and on the phone. Why should you feel iffy until you see him again? Why should you feel crappy tonight (and beyond) wondering if he’s being true to you? Life it too short to play guessing games.
Something smells funky. Which he may or may not be aware of. So bring it to his attention, ASAP, but in a gentle manner.
Maybe I’m too righteous, but I think this situation can easily ignite. She still likes him. You’re far away. He may have something to drink at the party. I would want an unspoken rule in the relationship (which he accepts upon himself): he doesn't communicate with her, he doesn't go to her parties. They can’t be friends. Not now. They just can’t. Take action. Don’t be a passive victim. You’re not being unreasonably jealous. You’re protecting your heart and the relationship. Which both can bruise easily and take a long time to heal.
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