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As of today, I cannot send self-addressed email, even though my own address is in Contacts. Help!?
06-25-2014, 04:33 AM
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Yahoo's presently have many problems with Contacts. Their engineering team is trying to resolve these issues. For the most part you will have to wait until they fix them. sometimes switching browsers helps..
This may be a useful link when you have auto complete problems
This is their latest link for Composing/Contacts
Another option...once the TO/CC/BCC is displayed on the
left side of the new email you can click on the one you want
and your entire contact list will be displayed where you can
place a check mark to the left of those that you want...when
done click on DONE at the least this way you
won't have to enter them individually
If the above does not help.....

Temporary glitches do happen and most of the time Yahoo is aware of it and is presently trying to resolve the issue. If you have the patience you can wait until Yahoo corrects the problem. If you don't have the patience you can switch to another browser to see
if it can switch back to see if the problem has corrected itself.

This Yahoo link displays the latest versions of IE and MacIntosh
browsers that work best with Yahoo

In case you are using Internet Explorer 11, which
is presently causing problems, you might consider
disabling it and installing IE10.
Uninstall links;_ylt=Aq9Y...ers_web_gs
IE10 Download for Windows 7

IE10 Download for Windows 8


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