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Why do poor people expect rich people to take care of them?
04-03-2014, 09:48 AM
Post: #11
Not everyone can land a good job. It's basic economics. Capitalism works by having an underclass, a working class, a middle class and an upper class. I think that the upper classes have a responsibility to pay more into the system and I think that everyone deserves some quality of life. Australia has a $16 min wage and I think that the rest of the western world should adopt this idea. People need a LIVING wage. Here in the UK min wage workers and people who are unemployed or have problems in their lives are treated abysmally and it is not fair. Having more money doesn't make your health and basic quality of life any more important than someone who works stacking shelves or is unemployed. Have some empathy, you sound like a psychopath.


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04-03-2014, 09:52 AM
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What about Tom, the boy who didn't try throughout school, went to university purely to spend the time drinking and taking drugs. Tom was subsequently employed by his father and is now the company director for a large advertising firm.


Sarah, who took a similar route to James but whose software company collapsed, leaving her severely in debt and forced her to find whatever job she could get. Unfortunately, her PhD has lead her to be considered "overqualified" by many potential employers.

You seem to labour under the assumption that poor people are poor because they are lazy or make bad decisions and that rich people clearly worked harder. Both of these ideas are just wrong, it's perfectly possible to work hard and get nowhere just as it is possible to be lazy and lucky. In countries like the USA and UK, the greatest indicator of future earnings are what your parents earned, i.e. those that are rich will stay rich and those that are poor stay that way. This isn't laziness, it's lack of opportunity. You will always get people who manage to break free of this but they are by far in the minority.
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