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Isn't this a bit odd?!??!shouldn't I have SOME privacy???!?!?!!!?
04-08-2014, 04:04 AM
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Isn't this a bit odd?!??!shouldn't I have SOME privacy???!?!?!!!?
I'm 13 and I know I'm still a kid but my mom knows my.

-Facebook password (I get this one!! There are a lot of pervs out there!)

-e mail password

-cell phone passcode

-computer password (before our computer crashed)

-qoutev account password
(she don't know I have twitter)

And ever since my cousin introduced her to his iPad she has been like "gimme ur iPod" and I do understand I mean she don't have a computer it crashed I can let her check her Facebook! But she doesn't really know how o use it and something always goes wrong when she is on it like yesterday everytime she went to type in a comment on a pic the keyboard wouldn't come up! So I took it to try and fix it but she shoos my hand away with her fingers and is like "WAIT!" and it drives me how when she taps something she holds her finger there longer than u would need to usually u just tap but she hold her finger on what she taps for a second and like a bunch of options come up and she asks me "whats this?" so again I try to fix it and my hand gets pushed away!
I had my iPod since I was 11 and not once has she asked for my passcode now she is ALWAYS asking for my iPod!! And once I just said it was dead (it wasn't) then she freaks out and said "yea of course!! Every time I wanna use it" I said "no mom u use it all the time this is the second time it has been dead since u stared using it" and that turned into a fight So now she knows my passcode for my iPod to so add that to the list of passwords above! I changed it today and when I got in the shower I went to Facebook and her email was typed in When I came outta my room she asked why did I change my passcode and I said cuz my little bro knew it I don't want him going on and deleting my games. I asked how did she find out the new passcode and she said "idk lucky guess!" first I had it as my cell number now it's our house number (that is the one she found out) shouldn't I get some privacy it's not like I got anything Bad on my iPod but still.......


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04-08-2014, 04:10 AM
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Sounds like a great Mom who knows what is going on...However ,how about the part of this message where you brag about lying about your broken 1Pod?


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