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What happened to Miss Jazz Soup on youtube?
04-08-2014, 04:57 AM
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What happened to Miss Jazz Soup on youtube?
Okay, Miss Jazz Soup is the username of a youtuber who does Harry Potter audiobooks that are really really great. She also sings, and has a great voice. I've been subscribed to her for six months, but she suddenly disappeared from Youtube. She is no longer on my subscription list, and I tried a dozen different searches. Nothing. Anybody know what's happened? Miss Jazz Soup, if you're reading this, please come back to Youtube.


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04-08-2014, 05:05 AM
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I know this isn't much, but I have been searching the web as well, ever since she disappeared from youtube, and I found this facebook page:

Not sure if you came across that one already, but it looks like the best way to contact her directly for now.

This is what she said about her youtube account:

"I have temporarily disabled my account because the publishing company of the HP books in the UK has contacted me due to a copyright issue. I am not allowed to have their book covers in their videos. I hope I can edit them out..."



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04-08-2014, 05:14 AM
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hey! I just went on that facebook page and if you didnt see it here it is!: Hi!
Time for yet another update in the fake channel issue: the last idiot has been banished from youtube, so that from now on, the only place you'll find my videos, is on MY channel! *happy dance* yaay

I shall be tracking the harry potter audiobook tag regularly in the near future, as I sadly see a high chance that this may happen again. I will also take this opportunity to say 2 things:

1, that I will be more than happy should you need my videos for your own projects. Just contact me here on FB or in my YT inbox beforehand and inform me. Plus, I'd really love if I get credit or mention where the material came from. I am aware that I do not own any of the content that I read (bless you, Jo), but these videos contain my voice and my hard work to record and edit the content.

2, I am doing this with no intention of profit intended. This is something I enjoy doing, and I in no way have any intentions to claim ownership of any material. I'm just a fangirl, re-reading to you the words that have shaped my own childhood and brought imagination and magic to millions the world over....

So, on a brighter note: THANK YOU, guys. Thanks for listening to me, commenting and giving me helpful suggestions, and for reporting, flagging and downgrading videos linked with the copyright matter. But most of all, for sharing your love for HP with me.
Harry Potter and the Unofficial Audiobooks has recently hit 3000 SUBSCRIBERS, something I never would have imagined to happen without YOU. I am so proud.
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