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Can netbooks handle theese..?
04-08-2014, 06:31 PM
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Can netbooks handle theese..?
can they handle...1. Editing videos on wmm? 2. Downloading and using video converter and wmm effects? 3. Uploading videos on utube? 4.myspace,twitter,ect.? Thanks so much ur help is truly apprechiated Smile


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04-08-2014, 06:40 PM
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1. Editing video
it's taking a lot of resource.. I'm sure the netbook could do it, but not comfortable, beacuse of the limitation of the hardware..

to make it clear, a dual processor and bigger RAM (2 GB at least) is a good choice for video editing.. so try to find a notebook than a netbook in this case..

2. Downloading : That's what the netbook made for, specially for any internet activity.. (I mean downloading is not a big task, it depends on your internet connection)

the video converter thing is almost the same with the video editing but less resource.. but I'm sure it takes some..

3. Uploading videos into youtube..
As I said in questions No.2, it depends on your internet connection... so the netbook will do it...

4. myspace, twitter
just like the no.2, made for any internet activity.. Smile

now to make it clear,.. a netbook is made for some basic things, just like writing, calculation, presentation, browsing, downloading. why that things?? because those thing don't take too much resource of your computer.. but when you talk about video editing, photo retouching, audio recording, gaming.. I'm sure it'll take a big resource of your computer..

one thing that looks good on me about netbook is only :
1. The mini design of notebook.. it's so small, so we can bring that easily...
2. The power consumption is realtively longer than any notebooks..

some netbooks could long for 3-6 hours,.. a casual notebook could only long for 1,5-3 hours..

so, if you still want a slim notebook as netbook but not as big as notebook,.. I think you can try HP Pavilion DV2... it only US$600-650, and surely it beats anything of any netbooks that available in the market..


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