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I can't access my email account?
04-08-2014, 06:38 PM
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I can't access my email account?
yahoo makes me change my password a few days ago. Know I can't access my email account. I'm trying to answer the security question but the system says the answer is wrong. I know my oldest cousin's name. Could someone help with this? I need an important information to access one of my college online course.


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04-08-2014, 06:47 PM
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Why Yahoo! may prompt you to change your password -

Here's how to recover your password using a mobile phone number, an alternate email address, or by answering your security questions.

Recover your Yahoo! ID or password using your alternate email address or security questions -

If you do not have a non-Yahoo! alternate email address, valid mobile number, or cannot verify your security questions you will need to contact Yahoo Customer Care, the following contact options are available:

Call toll-free US (Toll Free): 1-800-318-0612 US
International: 408-916-2100
Twitter -
Facebook -

Click one of the links above and then click the "Contact Customer Care" link under the Quick Links section to the right of your screen. This should open the Yahoo Help form.

The Selected product should be "Yahoo Account"

"Under Topic" select "Password and sign in"
"Under Sub-topic" select "unable to sign in"
"Under Recommended options" Click on the Email link.

Complete the form. If you don't remember your Security Question or Security Answer enter "unknown". Yahoo will use the information you provide to verify you are the actual owner of the account. If they can't verify your information it's unlikely you will be able to recover your account.

Here's some guidelines for creating a secure, strong password -

Once you're able to change your password it would be a good idea to review your security questions and make changes if you don't remember your answers.

Changing your security questions -

I recommend using a password manager like Keepass or LastPass to create and store strong unique passwords for the sites you visit. You can also save notes like your secret questions and answers to the password entries. LastPass can automatically log you in to any web site you have stored in its database.


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