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What can I say to persuade people to visit my site?
04-28-2014, 02:54 AM
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What can I say to persuade people to visit my site?
My site is on twitter and I have around 1,000 followers from following back but when I tweet saying 'If you have time please could you visit our site and leave a few questions, answers and reviews' nobody actually does. What could I tweet to make people want to visit my site? My site is called by the way.


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04-28-2014, 02:56 AM
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bc no1 trusts the site or cares. I follow and am followed by about 500 on twitter I think. i'm not sure but whenever I post a new song on soundcloud that I worked real hard on and it's really good, i'll check back and no1 will have listened to the song, not even my best friends or sister.


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04-28-2014, 03:00 AM
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Hi there!

Firstly your business name. I actually like it, even though someone on your duplicated question didn't. Maybe because of the negative word "can't". However, when we say "No problem!", people take that as positive.

Secondly your determination. You straightaway followed me and I take that as an indication you have at least some "fire in your belly". Determination is vital!

And to help determination you must be passionate. This is not the same as love. For example, you might love designing attractive websites (which I think yours is), but you must be passionate about being an entrepreneur. There is a distinct difference, and if you are not passionate, then re-consider.

Thirdly your assertiveness. You did favourite my tweet, but that was all. For business you need to be bold. Respond to messages with a message. Not arrogance though, as humilty is the way to learn.

Before I get into the technical details, one more important thing. IMO probably the most! Manners! For every new contact try welcoming them and thank all those that help you. If too many then leave a global message like this:

"Thanks to all my new followers. Too many to reply individually to but much appreciated!"

Now to your Twitter handle...

(1) The '80/20' rule uncanningly applies to most business. In Twitter someone calculated about 80% of your followers have no intention to interact with you. They are voyeurs! Nosey parkers! This means c. 800 of yours are a waste of time to you. Startling, eh? This leaves you with only 200 possibles. Not enough, as in online sales, getting a 'sale conversion' rate of 2% is doing very well indeed.

Therefore you need many more followers. And quality ones too.

How? Attract people who have some spare time and enjoy being opinionated and writing too. I suggest you join in #hashtags, and subscribe to lists, where such people tweet.

Then interact with them, by retweeting and contributing. Most will not respond, but the few that do will be whom you are looking for. Quality! And when they do, remember to be courteous towards them.

(2) Your advertising frequency is very lacklustre. Sorry! Only three such tweets in several days. You need to do around 3 sales tweets each day, spread out in say the morning, afternoon and evening. And probably 7 days a week, especially so the weekends when most people are not working.

Yet do not just do sales tweets, as this will appear to be spam and people will leave you in droves. Therefore you need to make your timeline interesting. Aswell as the RTs etc, use hashtags, post links to new consumer products, and so on. Give your followers something informative and also fun.

Indeed, your 'Y!A' moniker is funny and could be made into a mascot or cartoon character. Something for you to ponder.

Basically you have, to-date, made the fatal mistake known as the "Begging Bowl Method". Like a street beggar, you've sat there expecting thousands of people to care about you and fill your tin with lots of money. And yet you've not even greeted them with a smile nor thanked them. This appears to others as arrogance and self-centredness, even if it is just business naivity.

(3) To evaluate if you are making an impression, or otherwise, it is absolutely vital you analyse your online data. Therefore use Hootsuite, Tweetdeck, etc, plus get a Google account and use their 'Google Insights' and 'Adwords Keyword Tool' utilities.

Finally, for tonight, your website. I find it attractive and well spaced out. My only criticism, from my only visit, is to change the font for the "Can't Connect". IMO larger but also not like handwriting. Maybe use a sans serif font like 'Impact'.

Anyway, hopefully I've helped. If you need more I will have to charge for it. I too need to make a living.

Good luck....
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