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SHY GUYS: do you act like this to the girl you like? Why did he reply for two weeks if he's not interested?
06-22-2014, 04:17 PM
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SHY GUYS: do you act like this to the girl you like? Why did he reply for two weeks if he's not interested?
So in early January, my friends and I ran into another group and there was this guy name John. John knows my friends so I guess when I was at the bathroom, he pulled my friends aside and told them that I'm cute.

weeks BEFORE that, John saw a picture of me on my friend's facebook while she was looking at her pics and told her "Who's that? She's cute"

When I officially met him the next night after the group encounter, he was being shy. he wouldn't start a conversation with him so I had to talk to him first. But he would would occasionally look at me. My friends say that he's shy/introverted and that I have to be the one to keep on talking to him. he's also not talkative to the people he doesn't know well.

And my friend told me after that night that he said he can't wait to see me over the summer

A month later, I fb message him. We're still messaging each other but he's rarely on so he takes forever to respond back. Sometimes, he will read my fb message but respond a day or 2 days later. I know some people will think that's a bad thing, but I see it as a good thing because it shows that he remembers me?

And when we're talking, it feels like I'm the one who asks most of the questions about him. He did few times but it wasn't THAT personal.

This was our convo:
this is our convo:
me: Hey!
him: hey whatsup
me: just got out of class. hbu? hows berkeley? (i go to school in LA)
him: it's all right. just trying to do well in my classes lol
me: you trying to be a lawyer? what kind of lawyer? haha
him: haha probably corporate or international. havent decided yet haha hbu?
me: are you going to law school right after? Tongue i want to be a city planner for SF! Smile
him: nah im probably going to take a year off to work or something
me: oh me too haha. i want to work in the bay area before applying to grad schools. i just want to get out of socal already lol
him: oh yeah the bay is hella chill. haha isn't there a lot of stuff to do in socal tho?
me: hmm.. i guess but i went everywhere already haha. but i ran into some celebrities!
him: oh thats cool. yeah my friend in socal ran into a laker player while grocery shopping. hella lucky
me: yeah! i ran into kobe bryant at my school gym haha. but lakers are whatever tho..
him: oh what damn thats cool haha. yeah the lakers arent doing pretty well this season lol
me: i know right? even i can do better. just kidding Tongue I can't even touch the net LOL.
(after seeing my message the next day and replied back two days later)
him: hahaha you play ball too?
me: Used to haha. But school and internship gets in the way. So I only run now hahaI bet you do. You're so tall! :O Wait. What are you?
him: ohh haha i wish i was a lil taller tho. im taiwanese!
me: I don't think you need to be taller. There's plenty of nba players that are about your height! Smile
him: Haha ya I guess I think I'm just tall for an Asian lol
me: Haha. Yeah. It's chill Smile What are your plans for the weekend?
him: Probably gotta finish some work and then ball lol
me: have fun Tongue

(This is the entire conversation we had and it was for two weeks...that's how slow he was replying to me )

i sent that last message because i was pretty annoyed by how he didn't ask what my plans for the weekend is...or any questions -__- (Should i have said something better? im afraid that he won't reply back because my last message sounded like i want to end the convo...)

AND he read the message on saturday, but still didn't reply back Sad

Is this normal for introverted guys? Or is he uninterested?

keep in mind that he never had a girlfriend before. and people have been saying that he never had a "fling" with a girl too...


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06-22-2014, 04:30 PM
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He may be interested but he hasn&#x27;t met you that often! Wait for the summer and see if anything changes! Just because a guy calls you cute means that he wants to date you, ya know?


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06-22-2014, 04:33 PM
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He's just playin it cool. He's probably thinking he doesnt wanna come off as desperate.
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06-22-2014, 04:49 PM
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Well. Basically it's not about shy huys. It's about some persons who are not intrested in cahtting and massaging. But totally, this wasn't a chat with to crushes. you know? I mean, it was just a normal massage between two friends. I personally don't think it's about that he's into you or some thing. He's just not into massaging. Heh, LOL!
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