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Does the girl i have a crush on like me?
06-23-2014, 10:01 AM
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Does the girl i have a crush on like me?
Hey guys, firstly thank you in advance for reading. And please read it all...its important.

Some info:
*Im in year 11 at highschool and so is she.
*We have one class together where i never get the chance to speak to her
*We text eachother (more on this lower down. Important)
*She has said she can't hang out when i asked her.
*I think i may of creeped her out.
*I dont think she is talking to any other boys
*she is quite popular. Im not with any type if group

So, i have never spoken to her in person because i never get the opportunity. In highschool, as im sure your aware, if you mess up or make a fool of yourself...thats more life for the rest of highschool and im sure people will say its only a few years but those few years will drag with the reputation you have. Usually i couldnt care less about that but i sort of do please no reponses like grow some balls and talk to her.

I would once every while catch her looking at me in class.

I started talking to her on facebook where i asked her how the trip was because i couldnt go as i was ill. We had a nice little talk and i ended it saying i had to go. This was about November 2013.

We had a few more little conversations i and i got her number. I started texting her from then on.

I always start the conversation but whenever i do, i always get a good response.

Recently, we were texting and i asked her what she was up to you and then she asked me, i said i was at a really bad party which i was, and she said: " oh, it must be bad because youve eneded up talking to me x". What does that mean?

** I responded by saying: "woah haha, i really like talking to you x"
** she said: "haha aw! xx"

Anyway, yesterday, we were talking and i asked her when she is working and for how long purely on the basis of just asking. She answered and then said she was going to sleep. I now see looking back on the text that it looks like i was going to see if she could hang out and i think i may of creeped her out. Baring in mind she has never ended the conversation.

Ayway, thanks for reading and thank you for your answers.


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06-23-2014, 10:12 AM
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You are a highschooler, and you have a lot of homework, yeah? focus on your studies and when you are looking back on this a successful man, you will think that you were stupid for wasting your time


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06-23-2014, 10:23 AM
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It's impossible to have a definitive opinion, given the lack of sufficient information, sorry, but I can tell she likes you as a friend, at the very least
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