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My mom thinks I have no rationality just because I'm a teenager?
06-23-2014, 06:01 PM
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My mom thinks I have no rationality just because I'm a teenager?
I must admit, like many teenage girls, I can get emotional, but never before I have made a dangerous decision that would affect anyone in my family's money, reputation or physical wellness. My mom is incredibly paranoid about ALL social media, including having an email. I am aware that there have been incidents where children have been seduced or even abducted by strangers over the internet, so I have been careful about what I say online. I tried using before, but when my mom found it, she freaked. She made me delete it, even though I did not curse once or make a single inappropriate joke. I didn't bully anyone or call anyone names. She just believes the internet is poison and ONLY should be used for school purposes. In addition, my mom has taken away my internet connection entirely from my computer in my room and only allows me to use it if it's for school. It has really affected my relationships with friends.

Plus, my mom only lets me use my phone on the weekends. Unlike most teenagers, I have to pay for my phone bills and if the number of texts I both receive and send together add up to more than 1000 each month, each text is twice as expensive. This annoys me because the average American teenager sends about 3,000 texts a month. In these modern times, it is almost taking away part of a teenager's life to take away their phone privileges.

My mom thinks I will abuse technology because she believes I have no rationality. She has been Christian her entire life, but I am an atheist (just like my father and younger brother). She does believe in science, but believes God is responsible for all of it, and when we have religious debates, she says I'm wrong just because I'm a teenager and that means my rationality isn't fully developed. It annoys the hell out of me that my age means I'm wrong all the time.

Every so often, she'll even print out an article for me about how some "stupid teenager cost her father $80,000 just by posting something on Facebook" (read more about it here:
but she uses stories like these to represent the entire teenage-demographic; we're all stupid idiots, even though unfortunate events like these only happen to like 1 out of every million kids. That, too, annoys the hell out of me.

I mostly just wanted to express my anger, and no, she doesn't know I'm doing this… yet. I really need help with this. She is nauseating just to be around, and since she may be the one person I'm around the most, I myself have become an ill-humored, irritant person. When I try standing up for myself, she just puts me down with some more of her bullshit excuses. It's a never-ending cycle.

What do I do?????


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06-23-2014, 06:10 PM
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First of all, I would suggest sitting your mother down and having a calm conversation/debate with her to discuss all of the arguements you have already stated (and any more, if you have them). Don't let your conversation turn into a heated arguement. When you talk with your mom, tell her kindly to please not interrupt you untill you're finished. Have you written a persuasive essay before? Your talk should be kind of like that. Make sure to adress your mother's side of the arguement and make counter arguements while speaking. Again, remind your mother to not interrupt you until you are done talking. When you are done, let your mother spill all of her arguements to you, and don't stop her from speaking. Try to stay mature and professional! When your mother is done, see if you can try to compromise with her about what privelages you can have. If your mother doesn't give you all of the privelages you want, don't worry! Try again at a later time!

That's about all of the advise I can offer! Good luck!


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