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Having A Website Developed! Help!?
06-24-2014, 02:52 AM
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Having A Website Developed! Help!?
Hello, recently I have been struck with a very good (in my mind) idea for a web site. I can not give any details whatsoever so please don't ask. I do have a few questions for you all though. One thing I can share is that it is a social platform/portal of sorts.

First, do you think that it is unreasonable for my flash-based web project to cost around $60,000?

Secondly, when all is said and done and the site is completed what is next? Will I need to hire a team to constantly issue updates and check for bugs or should I stay with the company that is developing the site?

Feel free to give any other comments and share insight because it is all very appreciated.
Thanks for the answers guys. In response to JR's question, yes the site is going to involve several applications within it ranging from games, to music, pictures, and video among much more things.

Do you feel that Flash would not work for a social platform though? Overall, the vision I have for the site is going to require flash that is the only reason why I mention that it needs to be done this way.


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06-24-2014, 03:03 AM
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Flash? How many people surf Facebook using an iPhone? A lot. Now, how many iPhones work with Flash? None.

If you're going to build a social website, you better build it for everyone.

And I'm not exactly sure what Flash can accomplish for you that HTML/CSS/Javascript/PHP can't. Unless you plan on doing fancy animations all over the place.


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