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Please help me to find the right keywords for my website SEO?
06-25-2014, 12:28 AM
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Please help me to find the right keywords for my website SEO?
I`we read a lot of articles about SEO and in most of them I found out that the most important step in SEO is to find the best keywords for my site and to optimize my site for those keywords. But I don`t know how to find these keywords: I`we tried to use google adwords keywords tool and market samurai (trial), but useless...
My biggest problem is that I can`t find out a good main keyword that describes my site:
My site is - It`s a tutorial indexing site where people are coming to submit or to read tutorials.

Please give me some keyword suggestions
Thanks in advice!


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06-25-2014, 12:38 AM
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You have a tough case there, your topics are so diverse, it's hard for search engines to recognize any predominant subject.

Did you know you can enter a page url into the google Keyword Tool, it thinks you home page is primarily about website design, with a smattering of references to pshop and flash too.

A main keyword is not that vital. Although the term Tutorial or perhaps How To is common to much of your content, ranking for Tutorial alone will be tough. Unless your looking at resale evaluation, getting a high pr on your home page may not be essential. If you had a couple of paragraph introductory text on the home page, you could stuff in a couple of "tutorial" variations, which might help ranking for the general term.

I'm thinking you will have to seo at least each of your categories separately, you might add to your subindex pages, like Android-tutorials, an introductory paragraph containing the keywords for that section. Looks like your urls reinforce the menu structure, some SEOs would advice you to eliminate the dashes, seems that the engines can parse out the words if run together, some believe dashes, like in crap domain names may have a bad connotation, probably not a big deal.

You might go back to the keyword tools and find the most searched phrasing for your categories, perhaps you would replace some of your menu item names, or at least use one of the longer tail keywords in the subsection menu page header.

Of course the anchor text used in external links to the site will help establish the keyword rankings.


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06-25-2014, 12:42 AM
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I think what you need to do first is sit down and think - in general, what is my site about? I mean yes it is about tutorials but in general what kind of tutorials do I have on my site?

Technology tutorials, computer tutorials, it tutorials, free computer tutorials (free is a good term to capitalize on)...

Something simple that a user would type in on Google to find something you offer. - This is called finding a semantic core of your keywords - the foundation of your keyword research. Use keyword tools to get more ideas on these. Google Adwords tool will also allow you to type in your URL and get basic keyword suggestions to get started.

Find 2 or 3 core terms and write your site copy with those core terms in mind.

Then branch out and use keyword tools to find keywords for various sections of your site. PHP tutorials, free photoshop tutorials, how to use photoshop, - you get the point.

If you have a technology tutorial site ranked well on Google and want to find out what keywords they target, you can use backlink checker tools like SpyGlass to find their backlinks and see what anchor text is used in those backlinks - if the site is done with SEO in mind (which it probably is because it's ranked on top of Google), this anchor text will tell you all about competitor keywords.

great site idea btw Smile
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