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Dell Laptop Issue (Help!!)?
02-19-2013, 02:06 PM
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Dell Laptop Issue (Help!!)?
Hey guys, so i'm having a bit of trouble with my $400 laptop here, of course right before Christmas with my luck.

It comes up with the blue "Windows 7 Home Premium" screen but doesn't let me log in. It just has the background and continues to load over and over again. When the log in does appear, I type in my password and it won't log in. It accepts the password and it just sits there with the hourglass.

Is there anyway I can reboot my system completely by hand? As i'm typing this the password thing just came up, but when I enter the password it won't let me log in so my computer is useless. It's not the wrong password, as it accepts it but just stays frozen. Thanks!


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02-19-2013, 02:14 PM
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Virus, try this:

Best virus, malware and other infection and system corruption removal for any Windows PC, and future security measures to prevent such infections:

You cannot always safely, effectively and completely remove a virus infection in a Windows environment, as your operating system and antivirus protection can and will get corrupted. Sometimes even your bootsector and master boot record (MBR) gets corrupted, and the computer won't even boot up into Windows anymore.

Go to a different, healthy, non-infected PC or laptop and download both the BitDefender and the Kaspersky Anti-virus Recovery CD's (free downloads).
Download links for both:
Burn both downloaded iso files to CD with an iso burner software. If you do not have an iso burning software installed, I recommend getting the CDBurnerXP (free software) from here:
Once you burned the recovery CD's, return to the infected computer and put the BitDefender Anti-virus Recovery CD in your CD/DVD drive and boot from CD (set your boot up options in BIOS to CD boot as first option if it does not boot from CD at first)
Once your infected computer boots into the Recovery CD Linux environment, first update the virus definition database from the Internet server, than perform a complete scan of your desktop computer or laptop (all hard drives and/or partitions). Remove (delete) any infections found, and shut down your desktop computer or laptop.
Remove the BitDefender Anti-virus Recovery CD and insert the Kaspersky Anti-virus Recovery CD.
Repeat the same procedure as for BitDefender above.
After scanning with those 2 Anti-virus Recovery CD's, your system should be virus free, and will function properly again.

You might also need to do a master boot record (MBR) repair on your system, if your MBR also got corrupted.
Download the Windows 7 or Vista System Recovery Discs (according to what you got), $9.75 here:
Burn the ISO to a CD, boot from it and repair your MBR.
Or, with a little computer knowledge, you can create your own System Recovery Disc from an existing installation of Windows, read here:

If that don't work, you'll have to factory restore your computer, but not before you completely wipe your system hard drive clean with something like DBAN or Acronis Drive Cleanser.

Also, for future use, take all the security measures bellow:

Use a good antivirus program, on at all times in active, live protection mode.
Best pay antivirus programs are BitDefender or ESET Nod32.
The best free antivirus programs are Avast and Avira AntiVir.
Also install MalwareBytes, at least the free version (offers added protection against malware, spyware, adware and rootkits, also against some viruses and Trojans).
As stated above, Microsoft Windows Firewall sucks.
You will also need a good Firewall to protect your system from attacks.
First test your Windows Firewall with this little leak test utility:
You will see that it will penetrate your Microsoft Windows Firewall.
Install Zone Alarm or Comodo Firewall (both are free). Zone Alarm is by far the best firewall.
Rerun the Firewall leak test and you will see that it cannot not penetrate Zone Alarm or Comodo, you will get a prompt asking if you allow communication or not, just choose NOT. Your system is not protected by a solid Firewall.
Install CCleaner to clean your registry keys and other unwanted stuff.
For your web browser, use either Firefox Mozilla, Google Chrome or Opera.
DO NOT USE INTERNET EXPLORER (IE), as it is the worst browser, and it can be easily attacked, infected and corrupted.
Also install the WOT (Web of Trust) addon tool to all your browsers. It rates all websites, blocks access and also alerts you when you open an unsafe website, thus preventing any internet attack or virus infection.
For media players:
Use either WinAmp, Songbird or Media Jukebox for audio files. DO NOT use iTunes, that Apple (Mac) crap sucks even more than any Microsoft crap.
Use either VLC Media Player or GOM Player. Both of them would play anything without the need of any codecs, even damaged and incomplete video files.
Other options would be (in this order) Daum PotPlayer, KMPlayer, Kantaris Media Player, SPlayer, SMPlayer, and MPlayer. All are free to download and use.

Good luck.

Happy and worry free Linux user (the guys that usually create the viruses - lool). Also Windows fixer for other less fortunate people.


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02-19-2013, 02:14 PM
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Doru will throw out baby with bathwater.
Do Safe Mode boot (F5) if possible and system restore back to where it worked. Reload any updates or installed programs since that roll back date.
If not getting to that, you can try to boot to the text screen (F11?) where you have choice of Most recent successful start.
If you have made the system CDs or DVD to boot from, you can do a Repair Install of Windows files only, not your stuff. Look up how to on Google.
Malwarebytes, Avast!, Spybot, ZoneAlarm have free versions that are just fine.
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02-19-2013, 02:14 PM
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Hello, My name is Vijay and I work for Dell Social Media Team.

It seems issue with operating system.

Please perform below mentioned steps:

1. Remove battery and disconnect adaptor.
2. Press and hold the power button for 1 min.
3. Insert battery & connect adaptor.
4. Switch on the system and keep on tapping F12 on startup, select diagnostic from the menu.
5. If diagnostic returns any error code then most likely it is a hardware failure.
6. Capture error code and reply on this blog, so that we can help you further.
7. If it does not gives any error then it is 100% a software issue.
8. You need to restore the system back to factory settings.

Here are the steps to restore it back to factory settings:

1. Make sure that data from all drives are backed up in any other computer.
2. Restart system and keep on tapping F8 when Dell logo appears.
3. Select Repair your Computer and on next windows click on next.
4. Select Dell datasafe local & emergency backup.
5. Select 2nd option "Select other system backup & more options" and click on next.
6. Select "restore my computer" and click on next.
7. Select factory image and click on next.
8. Select 2nd option "Restore without preserving new or changed files." and click on next.
9. Select Yes, Continue and click on next.

Once the process is gets to 100% then system will restart.

Select "Ask me later" and it will reach desktop.

Please refrain from posting any personal information on this public forum.

You can send me email and a private message.

Thanks & Regards,
Dell Social Media Responder
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